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Let Our Knowledge Be Your Link To A Better Sound!

BMS coaching is a game changer.

Let Our Knowledge Be Your Link To A Better Sound! Take Your Talk and Play-by-Play Skills To New Heights


Whether you are a Talk-Show Host, Play-by-Play Announcer, or an On-Air Reporter, dramatically improve your sound for less than the cost of a new suit with coaching from BMS. We offer 30 and 60-minute individual and group coaching sessions.

“I’d like to see a greater emphasis on coaching. I hear too many hosts in every size market sound like they aren’t being given any guidance on how to do a better show. Radio doesn’t always put a premium on the role of the talent coach; it should.”
-Perry Simon, Editor All Access News-Talk-Sports

Our Coaching Includes:

  • Top three qualities of a successful talk-show host
  • The most important word every host must know
  • Common on-air mistakes you must avoid
  • How to become a communicator instead of a broadcaster
  • Why broadcasting is a one-on-one medium
  • Why it is essential to know what listeners do and do not want to hear
  • Interviewing tips that you need to know
  • Why your opinion and passion are king
  • Why show prep is 24/7
  • Tips on building and connecting with an audience
  • How to better organize your show
  • Sure ways of losing your listeners
  • Choosing and developing show topics
  • How to tease into a break
  • When is it time to move to a new topic
  • Exercises for developing your voice
  • How to increase TSL (time spent listening)
  • Tips on where to find job leads
  • What material you should put on your demo
  • Where and how to network
  • How to write a more effective cover letter

Meet Our Coaching Staff

David Brody co-founded BMS in 2004. David is considered one of the nation’s leading sports broadcasting talent coaches, and has hosted seminars and workshops around the country. David has over 25 years of on-air and talent coaching experience. David’s national program on the Sports Byline Radio Network was heard in major markets including; Chicago, S.F., Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Detroit, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and Seattle. David currently teaches Sports Broadcasting at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.
David Bernstein has been in the radio business for over 35 years. David’s resume includes programming and news management positions at several top rated stations and networks including; Air America, WOR-NYC, WBZ-Boston, WRKO-Boston, WTIC-Hartford, and WPRO-Providence. David is currently the owner/president of Bernstein Talent, a consulting firm for radio talk show hosts.
Dustin Rhoades teaches the art of producing a radio talk show. Dustin is the Executive Producer of the Mully and Hanley morning show at WSCR-AM in Chicago and co-owner of  Dustin has also worked as Executive Producer of the Mancow Show, Sr. Producer at Sporting News Radio, and Faculty-Advisor at Illinois Center for Broadcasting.


First 20 minute coaching session is free for new clients only.
Call BMS for details, 1-877-888-1267

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