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Pitino testifies about sex with defendant

A woman accused of demanding millions to stay quiet about a tryst with Rick Pitino initiated the sex by whispering to him and unzipping his pants when he got up to leave an empty Italian restaurant, he testified Wednesday.

The Louisville coach’s testimony marked the first time he’s talked publicly in detail about his July 2003 encounter with Karen Cunagin Sypher. Pitino’s portrayal of Sypher as the aggressor came after several witnesses said she was flirty and persistent when she approached Pitino at the restaurant.

This will do nothing to hurt Louisville basketball or Rick Pitino, and, if it’ll do anything, it will only help. Pitino has instantly become more relatable to 16 and 17-year-old high school recruits. They think this old dude is cool. Heck, he had sex in a restaurant. This is no different than young guys admiring Tiger Wood.

Who would a high school stud want to play for, Pitino or Coach K.

As a parent, you would likely prefer your kid playing for Coach K. He has the military background and seems to instill values in his players. But ask your teen-age son whom he’d rather play for. Your son can’t necessarily learn from Coach K’s mistakes, but he can from Rick Pitino’s.

Also, what does Pitino’s morals have to do with his ability to coach college basketball?  Because Pitino cheated on his wife, why should we assume he would cheat to land a recruit?  I don’t see the correlation.  I’m sure there are tons of coaches over the years that have remained faithful to their wives, while breaking every recruiting rule that’s been written by the NCAA.

Would you have a problem with Rick Pitino representing your school?



Sex in the office

Before I go too far, let me say, I am perfectly comfortable with my sexuality and while I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, as a man, if I was any straighter, I’d be a ruler.  A 12-inch ruler would be nice, but let’s not get out of hand.  Anyway, I’m comfortable saying, Steve Phillips is a good-looking man. If I were a woman, I’d go after him, and considering his taste in young women, I would think I would have a pretty good chance of scoring, and I’m not exactly a head turner.

In addition to his good looks, Steve Phillips has a high profile job and he makes a lot of money.  Considering all this, Steve if you’re going to put your marriage on the line, make sure the woman you’re having the affair with doesn’t look like she could be John Kruk’s twin. Phillips was first suspended by ESPN for a week for assisting a production assistant in the bedroom, and now he’s taken a personal leave of absence, just like his wife, who filed for divorce.

Bob Raisman in the NY Daily News says since the sex between Phillips and the 22 year old Brooke Hundley was consensual, the only thing ESPN can hit Phillips with is, a lack of judgment. You’re not kidding. The moral of the story is, if you’re 46 and you’re a good looking celebrity and you cheat on your wife, make sure the woman you’re shagging doesn’t look like an Olympic shot putter.   Come on Steve, you can do better.

Should Phillips be fired for this?   We’ve all had sex in the office.  Why is this any different?

What about Hundley, should she be disciplined?  If one is to be fired, who should it be?  She knew he was married.

Hundley used computers at ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., headquarters to stalk Phillips’ 16-year-old son online by posing as his high-school classmates.

This case further illustrates the point that after age 40, the eye site does go. I guess we have to give Phillips some benefit of the doubt.

Pardon the pun, isn’t this story overblown. As a baseball fan, I’m being punished because Phillips had consensual sex.  Who are we to judge this man?  This should be between Phillips, his wife and the big guy upstairs. I had to watch Chris Singleton last night because Steve Phillips slid into the wrong base.

Phillips didn’t harass anyone; it was consensual between two adults, plus, can you cut people some slack in Bristol because there’s nothing to do in the town?  Is there such a thing as a zip code excuse?

Obviously Phillips isn’t on an island by himself. At Robeson High School in Chicago, 800 girls, 115 are pregnant or have had a kid.  Is the word abstinence still in the dictionary? Who is the Sex Ed teacher

Ron Jeremy? This is far worse than Steve Phillips poor taste in the opposite sex.


The NCAA’s Bush ruling should not punish the current USC players

First Reggie Bush broke NCAA rules, and then he broke up with Kim Kardashian. Despite the breakup, the reality star says she feels sorry for her former squeeze because he might loose his Heisman Trophy. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show: ‘I’m sure he’s going through a really hard time and knowing the type of person he is, I’m sure that he would do anything in his power to make it up to the school… And the kids playing there now who are ineligible to play in the championships.’’

What Reggie should do is first, admit that he made the mistake and than do his best to help convince the NCAA that his mistakes should not ruin the careers of the current USC players. Why should they have to miss playing in a bowl game the next two seasons because USC turned a blind eye? A better solution to this problem would be we punish the school in 4 years. Not now. We let the incoming freshman have four years of eligibility before the sanctions begin.  So, let the bowl ban start in 2014.  Granted USC won’t field a great team in 2014 and 2015 when they would be bowl ineligible, but the punishment wouldn’t affect innocent kids. And, anyone who would commit to the school would know they wouldn’t play in a bowl for their first two seasons. But, they would still have two years to compete in a bowl game.

It’s a great way to protect the innocent kids and punish the program.  So there you are Reggie. This is what you can do to make it up to the school and to other schools that might suffer a similar fate as USC.  Go champion your position to the NCAA. Or better yet, call Mr. Obama. I think he would go for this.


Sex sells, but it shouldn’t for Tebow

Tim Tebow hasn’t yet signed his contract with the Broncos, but he’s about to become a stallion, signing an endorsement contract with Jockey underwear.

Is it not a tad hypocritical for a guy who’s a religious fanatic, extolling the virtues of Christianity, to strip down to his briefs for a few bucks?

How is this any different from Mrs. Tom Brady flaunting her assets on the cover of Victoria Secret?  To me, the secret is out. Tebow is a hypocrite.

I always appreciated the fact that Tim Tebow never shoved his religious beliefs down my throat. While I didn’t like the religious eye black, it didn’t feel like I was meeting a Harry Christina at the airport.  For that, I give Tebow credit. But how can this religious nut agree to reduce himself to a sex symbol?  Yes, sex symbol. It’s not like Jockey was about to hire a fat out of shape offensive lineman for this job.
The only thing Tim Tebow should be selling is a Haynes chastity belt.

This would be like Cal Ripken selling beer. Mr. Milk mustache would never do a commercial for a beer company.


NFL not using its head when it comes to concussions

This season, the National Football League plans to require each of its teams to hang a poster in the locker room explaining the risks of concussions and advising players how to protect themselves.

That’s like forcing McDonalds to hang a poster in its restaurants, featuring a fat guy with the words, “this could be you.”

Thanks to this momentous move, NFL players who didn’t know about the danger of sustaining a head injury while playing tackle football with other giant muscle-bound human beings will now be able to take the field armed with the knowledge that concussion can occur from a blow to the head/body following helmet to helmet contact.

This is a cheap attempt by the NFL to get them off the hook. Instead of developing a cheap poster, why not develop a helmet that helps prevent the loss of brain cells, and helps limit the number of concussions?

How about a test for HGH?  Even Bud Selig got that right in baseball.

This would be like boxing commissions putting posters of a current Muhammid Ali in locker rooms with the words… Boxing can be a hazard to your health.  We get the point; you don’t need to so graphic.

Are we as fans to blame for the concussions? We demand the violence.



Website warns high school athletes dangers of alcohol

The 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed 86.1% of young adults consumed alcohol before they turned 21, and a 2007 University of Texas study found high school athletes are more likely to use alcohol than non-athletes.

Why are athletes more likely to drink than non-athletes?  I can think of a couple of reasons.

The first is, they’re more involved in the social scene. They likely go to more parties than the non-athlete.
The second is the pressure they face competing in high school athletics.

Would you be more disappointed if your son or daughter was in the 86% or the 14% category?

Your 20-year-old son comes up to you at a family event and says, I can’t wait until next year, when I’m planning to take my first sip of alcohol.

By the way, we are not encouraging, or suggesting any minor or any person should operate a vehicle with alcohol in his or her system. Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way.  I’m not trying to turn your kid into Joe Namath.



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