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Let Our Knowledge Be Your Link To A Better Sound!

BMS coaching is a game changer.

Sports talk radio has never been hotter.  Many sports talk stations are exploding with their best ratings ever.  Isn’t it time you received a piece of the ratings pie? 

Looking for help developing your personality, developing topics, and making your show more entertaining?  We can help!

David Brody will help you take your talk and PBP skills to new heights.  Don’t take our word, take there’s:


“David Brody is an ambassador for on-air talent. He is passionate and dedicated to the people he represents and our industry overall.”

Bruce Gilbert, SVP Sports Cumulus and Westwood One


David Brody is one of the “real” ones … he works hard for his clients and simply put, gets it done. He has original, creative ideas, and he puts them into action. And he has fun along the way. So for results and a bit of entertainment, it doesn’t get any better than David.” Crys Quimby, National Director of Programming, 24/7 News Source


”Give David a call if you want to learn what they’re not teaching you in the classroom.”

Ron Barr, Owner/Host, Sports Byline USA


“I have had many dealings with David regarding his talent used on our National Network, and I have had nothing but a great experience.  David is a pleasure to work with and exemplifies a positive professional attitude.”Annie Zidarevich, Network Operations Manager, Coordinating Producer
Fox Sports Radio



What do Bob Costas, Len Berman and Mike Tirico all have in common – besides being successful, veteran sports broadcasters? Give up? They all have personal broadcasting coaches to help them better see their ‘blind spot in the rear-view mirror’. SMA could’ve hired any number of sports broadcasting coaches to personally work with our sportscasting students. We chose David Brody. Enough said.”

Michael Madden, Founder Sportscasting Mentors of America



“David is one of the few people I trust to tell me what is good radio.”

Josh Innis- host, WIP, Philadelphia


David’s coaching and honest evaluation of my work has played a larger role in my success than even he will ever know.”

Damon Bruce- host, 95.7 The Game, SF, CA




Pete Mundo came to BMS in 2010.  We used our contacts to help Pete get a job in Woodward, Oklahoma. Pete continued to do weekly coaching sessions, and two years later, BMS helped Pete land an on-air job nationally and in NYC. 

“Working with David every week, my skills have improved at a faster pace than I ever imagined. There’s no better resource.”

Pete Mundo- update anchor, CBS Radio Network, 24/7 News (WFAN, WCBS), NYC


‘’ I first met David as a student at Kennesaw State. I took his class after doing research to make sure he was not some guy off the street teaching a specialty class in a business I have wanted to pursue my entire life. I learned so much during his class, that I asked David to coach and develop my talent. After a year of working with David, I won several collegiate on-air media awards. Because of David’s expertise and his never ending list of contacts, I went from being the Sports Director of a collegiate radio station to being a Producer and personality on a CBS Radio affiliate in a top 10 market in Atlanta within a year of graduating college. I have made a lot of friends in this cut throat business and none of them have someone like David in their corner. There is no one better.”

Jeff Benedict- 92.9 The Game, Atlanta   




”Working with David is the best decision I’ve made.”
Nick Ashooh, host, Fox Sports Radio Network, Sirius/XM


“David is a true professional. He works tirelessly for his clients and always puts their best interest ahead of his own. David truly knows all of the movers and shakers in the broadcasting industry. He is constantly on top of everything. David knows how to get things done!”

Bob Fescoe- host, ‘Fescoe in the Morning,” KCSP, KC




“It was amazing what one coaching session did for my show and my confidence. Working one hour with David Brody helped me blow up the phones for two solid hours. No matter how good you are, you can always improve.”

Erik Gee, host, 107.7 The Franchise, Oklahoma City


“I’ve been doing something within the radio broadcast business for the high majority of 12 years now, including a stop in a top 15 market, and David has been the best thing that has happened to my career by far. I’m actually learning how to do this, and doing it correctly. “

Wendell Wallace, sports talk-show host, Las Vegas, NV




“David’s tutelage over the past three years has played a huge part in helping me receive my award as one of the top two college PBP voices in the state of Michigan.”

Adam Jaksa, 91.5, Central Michigan University


”If you want to get better, find more jobs, contact David  It’s the best decision I’ve made for my career.”

Nick Gryniewicz- host, anchor ESPN 580, Orlando, FL.




“David does a remarkable job helping me understand the principles of verbal communication to most effectively convey personality.”
John Laws- sports anchor, KTUL-TV, Tulsa


“I would not be where I am today without the talent coaching I have received from David Brody. From day one he was brutally honest with me, but also had a clear idea of what I needed to work on and how to do it. He has also given me tremendous confidence in my abilities. In addition, David is incredibly personable, always makes times for his clients, and responds to every e-mail and phone call. With his help, I have already reached many of my goals.” 

Marc Serber, Fox Soccer PBP







Testimonial from a parent of a BMS client

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Larry Baumhor

From: Larry Baumhor

Date: Tue, May 01, 2007 10:47 am

To: [email protected]

Dear Dr. Brody:

Forget the consulting with the tapes and the coaching, you are a sage

to the lost souls of sports broadcasters and their families. I’m

feeling better after our session and conveyed the information to

Andrew. You’re able to clarify and offer solutions to the emotional

pain and frustration of rejection and redirect the energy down the

road to broadcast nirvana. It’s amazing how these kids are able to

deal with the overwhelming task of preparing resume packages,

researching where to send the resumes, writing the cover letters and

mailing them, only to receive hundreds of rejections. And then rebound

and reinvent themselves, by not only broadcasting play by play, but

expanding into sports talk and anchoring/reporting. And then create

another resume package with more research and mailings, only to

receive more rejections as they watch their peers graduate earning 50

to 100 thousand dollars a year in finance and accounting with

$10,000.00 signing bonuses.


Finally, your son or daughter lands a job. They’re a broadcaster, in a remote

no mans-land town working in obscurity, earning $900.00 for three months of work,

living with a host family working 15 hours a day doing media relations and

broadcasting play by play for a college baseball league.

They’re exhilarated!…as a parent the frustration, concern and second

guessing begins to haunt you. You feel isolated. No one understands

what you’re going through…Who can you turn to, none other than

Dr. Brody…to help guide and restore the minds of broken dreams.

Thank you, Larry


Here are other clients who have used BMS’ services

Justin  Alderson,  CSU-Fullerton PBPTim Anderson,  Big Horn Radio Net, Cody, WYTim  Anderson,  Time-Warner Cable, MNAmy Beth  Arkawy,  WGCH, Greenwich, CT

Nick  Austin,  News 34 TV, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Dan  Back,  WAMR, Sarasota, FL

Bob  Bakken,  River City Lancers Hockey

James  Barbar,  TV, Indianapolis, IN

Jeff  Barr,  WPSC, Wayne, NJ

Erik  Bell,  Jamestown Jammers Baseball

Messod  Bendayan,  WFTL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Carl  Benson Jr,  KESP, Modesto, CA

Josh  Berndt,  Casper Rockies

Andrew  Bernstein,  Graduate, Ramapo College

Arun  Bhatti,  WLIE, Long Island, NY

Marky  Bilson,  WSHH, Pittsburgh, PA

Bob  Black,  WNSP, Mobile, AL

Todd  Bloniarz,  Comcast TV, Belmont, MA

Anthony  Bobrowski,  Time Warner Cable, Milwaukee

Rich  Bogard,  ESPN Radio, WAEY 1490, Princeton        WV, Voice of the Princeton Devil Rays.

Todd  Bonacki,  KZIM, Cape Girardeau

Ken  Broo,  WLWT, Cincinnati, OH

Bob  Bruce,  WMT, Cedar Rapids, IA

Tim  Calderwood,  Dupage Dragons Baseball

Ray  Canevari,  FC Dallas Soccer

Ben  Catley,  KVAY, Lamar, CO

Joe  Clark,  Comcast, Salt Lake City, UT

Len  Clark,  Lincoln, Nebraska

Heath  Cline,  WGGG/WMOP, Gainesville, FL

Chad  Cooper,  Evansville Otters Baseball

Noah  Coslov,  Reading Phillies (AA)

Mike  Crowley,  Voice, University of Evansville

Pete  Dalis,  Graduate, USC

Kate  Delaney,  KMSR, Dallas

Kevin  Dunn,  WWZN, Boston

Lorna  Evans,  KGA, Spokane, WA

John  Focke,  WBDK/WRLU Door County, WI

Zig  Fracassi,  SIRIUS Radio Sports

Justin  Frederickson, Lynchburg (VA) Hillcats

Roy  Fredriks,  WOR, New York City

Scott  Galetti,  Oxnard, CA

Jon  Gaskins,  KWOA, Worthington, MN

Tommy  Gelehter,  Zips Sports Net, Akron, OH

Brian  George,  WGBU, Bowling Green, OH

Darren  Goldwater,  ESPN Radio, Charleston, SC

Colby  Gordon,  WHB, Kansas City, MO

Josh  Groberman,  Calgary, Alberta

Dave  Harbison,  KILT, Houston, TX

Seth  Harp,  WQSM, Kalamazoo, MI

William  Harrington,  KFBK, Sacramento

Curt  Hart,  D1Sports Radio, Memphis

Lee  Headley,  Fmr. Voice Stamford University

Mark  Heffernan,  KERI, Bakersfield, CA

Neil  Henain,  WICO, Salisbury, MA

Greg  Hofer,  Kane County Cougars Baseball

Ron  Ingenito,  WLIE, Long Island, NY

Kevin  Ingram,  WGFX, Nashville, TN

Bill  Johnson,  Fmr. Voice Portland Trailblazers

Matt  Johnson,  Sports Byline USA

Shaka  Johnson,  True Sports, San Diego, CA

Tiffany  Johnson,  KNTU, Denton, TX

Brian  Johnston,  Pittsburg State U. (KS)

Andy  Kellow,  WOBN, Oberlin, OH

Mike  Kelly,  WTRL, Boone, NC

Shawn Kiser,  KFIZ, Fond du Lac, WI

Dave  Koehn,  PBP University of Vermont

Tom Kolker, ESPN 1230, Astoria, OR

Joe  Lancello,  WHSM, Hayward, WI

John  Leahy,  North Shore Spirit BSB, Merrimack College Hk

Danny  Lee,  UCLA Radio NetworkMax Leinwand,  KTJJ, Farmington, MOSteve  Lenox,  Wilmington Blue RocksMatt  Levine,  Metro Networks, Hartford

Mike  Levine,  WQSM, Kalamazoo, MI

Tom  Lewis,  Creative Sports Network

Trent  Ling,  Ling Communications, Orlando, FL

Matt Mattano, WJMT, Wassau, WI

Jeff  Matthews,  Creative Sports Radio Network

Patrick  Mauro,  Sports Byline USA

Ruston  McDonald,  Senoia, GA

Demetrius  Means,  WNDJ, White Stone, VA

Jim  Measel,  WLKI, Angola, IN

Joe  Michaels,  KWWK, Rochester, MN

Ron  Milhorn,  KMTS, Glenwood Springs, CO

Dylan  Milner,  Fox Sports Radio Network

Mark  Moessner, San Angelo Colts Baseball

Frank  Moorefield,  Texas Radio Network

Carl  Nasman,  Channel 10, New Jersey

Eric  Nelson,  WCCO, Minneapolis

Gary  Nolan,  Radio America Network

Neil  Novotny,  WLMX, Miltown, WI

James  O’Reilly,  KCBL, Fresno, CA

Pete  O’Shea,  Radio/TV Spokesperson, Hudson, FL

Todd  Panula,  Graduate, University of Kansas

Stu  Paul,  San Antonio Missions Baseball

Mike  Pilch,  WSHW/WILO, Frankfort, IN

Brian  Pitts,  Dallas, TX

Brett  Pollock,  Huntsville Stars

Lenny Price, WLIE, Deer Park, NY

Bill  Rabeor,  KLOZ, Eldon, MO

Steve  Rappoport,  WCTZ, New York, NY

Dan  Redmond,  WEPM, Martinsburg, WV

Dave  Reichelt,  PBP Voice, Idaho State U.

Jordan  Rhea,  KOCC, Oklahoma, City

Scott  Roberts,  Dakota County Radio, Oakes, ND

John  Rooke,  ESPN Radio

Stephanie  Sandlin,  KSBN, Spokane, WA

Ashley Scharge, Sporting News Radio

Kevin  Scott,  KTCK, Dallas

Clint  Scroggs,  WDPN/WZKL, Alliance, OH

Gary  Sharp,  Wheeling Nailers

John  Sherman,  Crossroads Comm, Terre Haute, IN

Sam Short, KSUE, Susanville, CA

Mark Simpson, KFXA-TV, Cedar Rapids, IA

Arnie  Spanier,  Sporting News Radio

Joe  Spano,  SIRIUS Radio

Brandon  Stewart,  WNPQ, Canton, OH

Doug  Summers,  U. of North Alabama

Shawn  Tiemann,  Eagle Radio, Hays, KS

Joe  Tjaden,  KEXL/WJAG, Norfolk, NE

Francis  Tommasino,  PBP, Christopher Newport U.

Shauntai  Townsel,  Graduate, Morris College

Gary  Trexler,  WHIP, Mooresville, NC

Duff  Tyler,  Network Indiana

Jeff  Unger,  ESPN Radio, Pittsburgh, PA

Eric  Vinger,  Wichita Wranglers Baseball

George  Von Benko,  Fmr. Voice, U. of Cincinnati

Chad  Waibel,  Richmond, VA

Pat  Walsh,  KFBK, Sacramento

Lisa  Walz,  KRAB, Bakersfield, CA

Ken  Weinman,  KFXX, Portland, OR

John  Weisbarth,  Channel 4 TV, San Diego, CA

Karl Werl,, Dunwoody, GA

Kevin  Wheeler,  Sporting News Radio

Mike  Wilson,  KTEX, Brenham, TX

Walt  Winston,  WQXZ, Cordele, GA



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