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 Antonio Pierce wants NFL players to take a walk. The ESPN NFL analyst is urging players to “walk out” on the playoffs. Pierce tweeted, “What if the players stood up right now and walked out during the playoffs? The Owners have all the leverage right now.” Can’t imagine the players walking out, but if they did, would you blame them? NFL players have it much tougher than any other athlete, with a life shelf somewhere between tiny and barley existent. Football is arguably the most dangerous sport, with guys risking paralysis on every play. No NFL player will ever be the same physically after he retires. And in terms of pay, comparably speaking, playing in the NFL doesn’t pay. The average salary in the NFL is $990,000, and contracts are not guaranteed. The average MLB salary is 3.3 million, NBA is 5.3 million, and the NHL’s average salary 2.4 million. And the league that’s bringing in the most money? The NFL, with annual revenue of 7.8 billion dollars. MLB is number two at 6.8 billion, followed by the NBA at 4 billion and the NHL at 3 billion. Considering how badly the NFL players are being treated compared to athletes of other sports, I wouldn’t blame these guys for walking out on their fan base. If they did, our anger should be directed on the owners, whose greed would have forced the players hand.

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